Executive design

In Italy the last stage of design procedure is represented by the executive design which "determines in every detail works to be done and expected costs. It must be developed to a level of definition that allows each element to be identifiable in shape, type, quality, size and price."

The activity of the TRM Civil Design is develop construction details of the final design in order to give any information to building companies, both for estimation of works  basis of the tender, both for realization of the same. Drawings produced by us at this stage are as follows:

  • general report;
  • specialist reports;
  • drawings, including those relating to structures, system and environmental mitigation works;
  • executing calculations of structures and facilities;
  • maintenance plans of the complete work and in the parts of which it si composed;
  • safety plans and coordination;
  • bill of quantities and final economic forecast;
  • schedule of works;
  • list of unit prices and any analysis;
  • evaluation of  impact of labor for different categories  that make up the process;
  • a contract framework and special tender specifications.