Our resources

In addition to the regular software (Windows, Office, Autocad, Acrobat writer, CAD Pack) we use the following specialist software:


Civil Design

Software for road design which allow the management of various project processes (survey plans, longitudinal profiles and cross sections) and realization in dynamic mode of the verifications requests by Italian law.


Software used to analyze in dynamic way the vehicle paths (cars, busses, articulated trucks etc). Applicable to every type of road and motorway it aims to evaluate vehicle movements at junctions, roundabouts, carparks and every type of structure. The software automatically records data relating to minimum turning maneuvers, transition curves (of trucks and trailers for heavy goods vehicles), transversal slopes, lateral friction of vehicles based on current norms and travel times.

SAP 2000

Software di calcolo agli elementi finiti pensato per l’ingegneria civile. Permette di effettuare verifiche statiche delle opere di ingegneria connesse alle infrastrutture viarie.

Acca Primus

Software for drawing up the of bills of quantities, quotations and financial budgets in the design phase. It can also handle the development of the project during the implementation phase by the compilation of construction site accounts.

AztecPAC - MAX

Il programma PAC è dedicato all'analisi ed al calcolo di diverse tipologie di paratie, palancolate e scavi sbadacchiati, in diverse condizioni di esercizio. Il programma MAX effettua il calcolo di muri di sostegno (muri su fondazioni superficiali, muri su pali, muri su micropali, muri con tiranti, muri con contrafforti). E’ dedicato all'analisi ed al calcolo di muri di sostegno a gravità, a semigravità e a mensola.

STS Easy Light

Optimization software of lighting, useful to design  of correct illumination of roads.


Software for lighting calculation with particular functionalities for road design.


The software "Fognature" allows draw,  design and verification of entire sewage  network directly into AutoCAD, export data to Excel tables attachable directly to the final project, automatically draws the longitudinal profiles, calculates outputs and bill of quantities of the main pipe.