Final design

The final design is one step of  design procedure in architecture and civil engineering, and in particular is the second phase in which it is commonly divided a project and its creation. The final project "fully identifies works to be carried out in compliance with requirements, criteria, constraints, policy guidelines and directions set out in the preliminary design and contains all necessary elements in order to obtain necessary authorizations and approvals." In particular it is developed and implemented through recovery of additional elements, such as location of all sub-services present on area, in order to contact various authorities and prepare any displacements and related purchases. TRM Civil Design is able to execute all documents required in this phase of design in a professional and complete way. Below is a list of works carried out by us or our collaborators:

  • descriptive report
  • geological, geotechnical, hydrological, hydraulic and seismic relations;
  • specialist techniques reports;
  • plan-elevation surveys and study of town planning integration;
  • drawings;
  • if required, environmental impact study or environmental feasibility study;
  • preliminary calculations of structures and facilities;
  • disciplinary descriptive and performance of technical elements;
  • expropriation parcel plan;
  • bill of quantities;
  • economic forecast report

The final desing, prepared in accordance with list provided from regulations, it is usually an part of the request of Building Permit or DIA that allow proposer realizes its development.