Safety Management

In sites managed by us we perform two of most important roles with regard to safety in road construction:
1. CSP
The activity of safety manager at the design stage consists in preparation of PSC (safety and coordination plan) in accordance with law 81/2008, and to give tips and advice to the designer in order to improve safety of workers and users both in intermediate phases of work both in final geometry of infrastructure. This task has greatest impact on category of road works since almost all road works take place in overlapping or adjacent to existing roads and open to traffic. We control the different stages of infrastructuress construction, temporary signage of work site, timetable of  various phases and any temporary protection to make work site safer.

2. CSE
The Safety Manager during realization has the duty to control safety of workers and road users because of dangers arising both from vehicles of work  both from private vehicles. Its activity is making visits on work site, where he provides support and control on operating modes, on correct use of personal protective equipment and on preparation and updating of work site  signage.